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Wednesday, September 06, 2006


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» Facebook Users Revolt, Facebook Replies from Techcrunch
There has been an overwhelmingly negative public response to Facebooks launch of two new products yesterday. The products, called News Feed and Mini Feed, allow user to get a quick view of what their friends are up to, including relationship cha... [Read More]

» Facebook revolt: Not all friends are equal from Blogspotting
The revolt against Facebook's new news feed feature is growing by the thousands, minute by minute. A boycott is scheduled for Sept. 12. (ex Frank Gruber) CEO Mark Zuckerman is probably right: For many, it's probably a nice feature... [Read More]

» Negative User Response to Facebook's New Features from Dare Obasanjo aka Carnage4Life
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» Facebook Introduces Stalking 2.0 from AUBlog
Facebook introduced a new feature yesterday that added a feed to anyones personal page of everything happening in their friend circle. Basically anytime anyone adds a new friend, comments on another friend, adds new photos, yadda yadda yadda - ... [Read More]

» Facebook deploys ultimate stalking tool from - My Stories
Check it out: Facebook updated its user’s home page with a new feature called “News Feed” yesterday. They also added a “mini-feed” to everyone’s profile page. The news feed is not your typical news... [Read More]

» Facebook Changes and Hypothesis on Information discovery from moloo's blog
With the recent changes in facebook and the subsequent uproar from devastated students/(would-be, downlow) stalkers everywhere, I had to resurrect this post I had drafted a while back. Below I present my hypothesis on the nature of information and t... [Read More]

» Criticism Over Facebook Releases from
The two new Facebook features launched yesterday ended up not being embraced by users like Facebook hoped they would. Facebook groups protesting the development have even begun popping up, some with thousands of members. In response to the negative... [Read More]

» Facebook's Big Blunder from Chasing the Wind
In one day, Facebook's valuation has likely dropped 50%. Why, you ask? Because they created features which undermine the whole culture of Facebook. Facebook unveiled a few huge new features yesterday morning called the "News Feed" and "Mini Feed," both... [Read More]

» Fearmongering Facebooks News Feed from theory.isthereason
I love Facebooks News Feed. Its about time seriously. So forgive me if I call you silly for fearing Facebooks so-called invasion of privacy. This fearmongering business is a distortion of the truth, that i... [Read More]

» Scared students protest Facebooks social dashboard, grappling with rules of attention economy from Inside Facebook
Theres been a lot of talk in the blogosphere in the last 24 hours of students negative reactions to Facebooks new feed features. Heres a summary of whats going on: Hundreds of Facebook groups have been ... [Read More]

» The Facebook Revolution from
Its been a few weeks since Facebook first started making tsunamis in the sea of social networking sites. Weve seen the emergence of the News Feed (and the massive backlash that followed), the implementation of an open admissions policy (not [Read More]

» A Look Back At 2006 from Somewhat Frank
It has been a great 2006, as Somewhat Frank has offered up over 400 articles which attracted hundreds of thousands of visitors. I thought it might be interesting to reflect on some of the best of 2006 as we look [Read More]

» AIM BuddyUpdates Web-based Lifestream from SOMEWHAT FRANK
For the last month or so I have been working on a little project at AOL as part of the AIM group called the BuddyUpdates. BuddyUpdates, offers a way for AIM users to share their actions with the rest of their buddy list. This product has been available... [Read More]