July 31, 2006

AOL Video Portal On Its Way

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Aol_video_logo, the owned and Dulles-based company, announced today that a new video site, , is on it way and should be released soon (targeting August 4, 2006). 

According to a recent press release, AOL is looking to be the ultimate blend of both content by offering 45+ content channels in addtion user-generated content. The site will offer a video search that blends, and , two aquired video search technologies. The video search could be better than those offered by Google and Yahoo - it will be interesting to see how it stacks up. Check out the AOL preview screen below.

According to WashingtonPost.com report, Josh Freeman, vice president of AOL Video said:

"Over time, we think we will offer predominantly advertising-supported content."

The AOL march away from the subscription model that made them a household name goes on.

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